Biodome’s team of experts provides you with a large list of choices to help your organization spot the malfunctions or non-compliances , respect the existing standards or regulation and innovate scientific-based solutions to your technico -ecological problems.

Life Cycle Assessment :

Life cycle assessment is a tool internationally recognised as an ISO standard ( ISO 14040/14041) to asses the environmental burden of any product or service. Thanks to a holistic study that includes the entire life cycle of your product or service it helps you to have a global information about your environmental footprint either carbonfootprint, waterfootprint or other impacts category. This method proved its efficiency to communicate science-based results to non LCA experts . This would help your organization to take well-informed decisions &  be a sustainable and eco-friendly organization.

If you are a researcher or individual interested in LCA or even a company who wants to add the LCA analysis skills for their consultant, Biodome offer you accelerated training to learn more about Life cycle assessment and life cycle thinking.

E.I.E :

In a world becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability , Biodome  assist you  to become an eco-friendly company and lower your emissions and consumption.

We carry out environmental studies in order to spot malfunctions or non-compliances on the rejections flows with respect to the existing standards or regulations. We guarantee the best quality-price with an added value of making our expertise at your disposal to solve the problem spotted during the study and best prices to implement it.


We ensure an accurate diagnosis to precize the gap between existing state and the normalization or regulation and figure out the crucial process that needs corrective actions which helps you make the well-oriented decision and optimmize your company’s performance.