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Our Story

Being the first producer of biogaz in Morocco, we have kept since 2013 the quality of our services & our customers satisfaction as the first priority. We have a highly qualified team who wake up every day to make our planet greener and provide innovative solutions to help you make your most efficient & environmentaly friendly decisons.

Our story began by solving a farmer’s issue by our CEO  Fatima Zahra BERAICH during her PhD thesis preparation. She was able to bring an innovative idea as well as bringing together a team who believed in her vision to contribute to our country’s sustainability in an innovative way. Our idea won several national prizes and had an internationnaly intention which allow us to establish strong collaborations and partnereships with different sustainability stakeholders nationally and internationally to ensure better solutions and offer high quality services.

Why we are different

We have a large range of services that could suit your need concerning the sustainable managment of your waste, either you are an individual, NGO or industry generating organinc waste. Our services can start from solving your problem related to environment protection or waste management to the transformation of that waste into a source of clean energy that could be used by your organisation to reduce your energy consumption and solve your waste discharge problems.

Our mission


We are living in a world that adopts day after day a circular economy perspective. We believe that circularity is the key to acheive a clean and green planet again

Our engagment towards our planet is consisting on helping other industries to acheive a lower carbon footprint and a clean energy source as well as puting our know-how & expertize to create new ecofriendly solutions to their problems.

BIODOME.. No more waste

Super Efficient

Biodome offers you the best service with most optimum prices

Deeply Commited

We believe that your satisfaction is our ultimate objective

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highly qualified team working the best for you

Fatima zahra BERAICH

CEO, Founder




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